WATCH: Kim and Khloé Kardashian Bicker Over Lamar Odom

Khloé Kardashian Talks Lamar Odom's Long-Term Prognosis
The reality star reveals doctors told her Lamar Odom had only "four hours to live."

Kim and Khloé Kardashian have different views on how to get over an ex.

In a new preview for Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the two sisters discuss Khloé’s painful breakup with Lamar Odom. When Kim tells Khloé that she feels her little sister is “finally are done” with the basketball player, Khloé gets defensive and is quick to correct her sibling on the difference between being cordial and being in love.

“You’re way closer to being over it, where before I thought you were so into it. I was like, ‘Oh God, here we go,'” Kim tells Khloé, who makes a face upon hearing her sister’s words.

“Because you mistake my kindness for me going back with someone,” Khloé retorts. “You don’t marry someone and then you could cut them out of your life that easily. I care about Lamar so I want the best for him. I want the best for his wellbeing.”

Khloé’s sentiments echo her previous comment in Redbook magazine, where she revealed she still cares for Lamar but has no plans to reconcile with her estranged husband.

“My biggest wish is for him to be happy,” she said. “I still have a great deal of love for him. That doesn’t mean I have to be by his side all the time.”