Leonardo DiCaprio Was Almost Eaten Alive by a Shark

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Leonardo DiCaprio’s turmoil by sea did not end aboard the Titanic.

The Hollywood dreamboat reveals to WIRED magazine that his new film The Revenant, directed by the renowned Alejandro Iñárritu, was a challenge for survival as he and the cast weathered extreme environmental elements in locations spanning from Calgary to Vancouver.

“Every single day of this movie was difficult,” says DiCaprio, describing the shoot as “physically grueling”. “It was the most difficult film I’ve ever done. You’ll see, when you see the film—the endurance that we all had to have is very much up on the screen.”

The actor describes scenes where he had to wear elk skin and a bear fur coat that weighed “100 pounds” when it was wet. EMTs were on set, and DiCaprio had a “giant hair dryer with octopus tentacles” to stay warm.

“Every day it was a challenge not to get hypothermia.”

Among struggles with the snow, The Revenant actor reveals that he had a deadly brush with a great white shark while diving in the waters of South America.

“Half its body was in the cage, and it was snapping at me,” says DiCaprio, explaining that the top of his diving cage was left open and the waters are baited with tuna. “I sort of fell down to the bottom and tried to lie flat. The great white took about five or six snaps an arm’s length away from my head.”

“The guys there said that has never happened in the 30 years they’d been doing it.”

Read more of Leo’s grueling experience over on the WIRED website and watch The Revenant trailer in the video at the top of the page. The film hits theaters on Dec. 25, 2015 and DiCaprio is featured on the cover oWIRED’s January 2016 issue.

CREDIT: Dan Winters for 'WIRED'