Coco Goes Off on Haters: ‘I Don’t Have Nannies or Babysitters’

Coco Goes Topless for Baby Chanel's First Photoshoot
New mom Coco had her very first photo shoot with newborn baby Chanel – topless

The new mom just can’t catch a break.

Coco has been dealing with haters ever since she announced she was expecting earlier this year. She’s been criticized for her pregnancy style, the size of her baby bump, and now she’s getting hate for her parenting style.

On Monday (Dec. 14), the TV host finally had enough and took to Twitter to let her many critics know just what kind of mother and wife she really is.

Even though she was clearly frustrated, the new mom didn’t let haters completely ruin her night. A few hours after her rant, Coco shared a picture of her outfit as she stepped out for dinner for the first since since giving birth.


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