Justin Bieber Was Baptized in a NBA Player’s Bathtub


It turns out, NBA star Tyson Chandler may be to blame for Justin Bieber’s infamous apology tour. It all started back in early 2014, following months of “bad boy” behavior, Bieber was desperate to clean up his act. According to the Daily Mail the singer called on Carl Lentz, pastor of the Hillsong megachurch, to help him find god in an attempt to clean up his act.

The January issue of GQ claims, after a lengthy heart-to-heart with the popstar, a sobbing Biber asked to be baptized. According to the magazine, Lentz called on Chandler, a follower of the church, on the early morning of January 9th, 2014, to get access to the water in his New York City apartment building.

After finding out the building’s pool was closed for the day, Lentz was forced to perform the ceremony in Chandler’s bathroom, more specifically, his bathtub. Luckily for Biber, Chandler is just over seven feet, leaving the singer ample baptism space in the oversized bathtub.

After all was said and done, the baptism didn’t seem have the desired effect the singer hoped for, seeing as just a few weeks later he was arrested for a DUI in Miami.