Chrissy Teigen Baking Cinnamon Rolls Braless in Balmain Is Everything We Wish We Were

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Yasss, Queen!

Reason #1,834,830 why Chrissy Teigen is our spirit animal: only she can drizzle icing over her homemade cinnamon buns while wearing Balmain (and braless) in a manner that exudes utter flawless realness.

Let’s discuss.

Having already established her place as the Queen of everything, Teigen doesn’t need to convince us that her cinnamon rolls are mouthwatering delicious, but in case you were doubting anything, the #foodporn is real:

Bringing some goods to the @fablifeshow holiday party!

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No bra? No problem. Chrissy proves that Balmain everything establishes ample grounds for letting the girls loose, so all you self-proclaimed “bakers” better step up your game and get on this level (level = high fashion kitchen wear with a Santa hat to boot):

chrissy teigen cinnamon rolls boobs braless
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Of course, the opposite proves true too. Sometimes you just gotta taco party and chill with your coworkers while wearing just a bra:

Taco party! We will miss you, @carrieelizabeth!!! @mrjoezee @laurenmakk @livingwithleah love all of you!!

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Sorry if we sound so obsessed with your boobs, Chrissy – it’s not them, it’s you we love.

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