Fans Mistake Old Pic of Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry as Proof of Romance

Courteney Cox Without Engagement Ring
Actress Courteney Cox was seen not wearing her engagement ring.

Social media recently exploded with the hope that perhaps Chandler and Monica were going to end up with each other after all these years.

A tweet posted by a Friends superfan sent the Internet into a tizzy thinking that perhaps Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry were turning into a real-life romantic couple.

The picture was retweeted over 13,000 times and favorited over 14,750 times, proving just how much the world would like to believe that this on-screen romance has truly come to life.

Sadly, for lovers of the off-the-air comedy series, it’s since been revealed that the real-life picture of the twosome at lunch is actually from 2005.

On the series, Chandler and Monica wed in the show’s seventh season. In real life, Courteney recently ended her engagement to fiance Johnny McDaid.