Kanye West’s Security Team Comes to the Rescue Amidst Kris Jenner’s Christmas Tree Creep

Kris Jenner is building her security team from the ground up after a scary incident on Tuesday (Dec. 15) left her face-to-face with a trespassing fan.

A man posing as a Chrismas tree worker bypassed Jenner’s security team after he told them he had a meeting with Kris. The fan, who came by bus from Texas, went straight into her office, but she “immediately realized the man did not belong there” and called 911.

Kim Kardashian and her new baby Saint West, in addition to North, were in the house at the time of the incident, as they’ve been staying with her since come home from the hospital. According to TMZ, Jenner is “livid” about her security team’s lapse which endangered her family. Her entire team was given the boot within 24 hours.

TMZ also notes Kris is “especially angry because there were policies in place to prevent such an incident, including 24-hour surveillance – and she didn’t get any reasonable explanation for why it failed.”

Now, Kris’ sprawling abode is under the protection of Kanye West’s security team, which is comprised of off-duty cops. West was “equally pissed” and immediately had his team take over as a temporary solution. TMZ is told that Jenner “is determined to hire a new team and get her house back to Fort Knox standards.” If these mishaps are any indication, she’s definitely in need of the best of the best.