The First Super Creepy ‘Twin Peaks’ Teaser Trailer Is Here

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It’s 51 seconds of creepiness. 

Showtime has revealed a first look at its Twin Peaks revival, and while it doesn’t reveal much, it does show us some scenic shots of mountains and foggy forests. Of course, it’s all backed by narration that will give you all the creeps. “Location sometimes becomes a character,” says actor Michael Horse, who plays Tommy “Hawk” Hill. “There are a lot of holy places up here, a lot of sacred places. I can’t put my finger on how I would describe it. It just touches something in the psyche.

We also see set designers installing the “Welcome to Twin Peaks” sign, followed by haunting, even unsettling shots, of a person appear on screen. While the full mystery awaits, fans can expect many familiar faces, including Kyle MacLachlan, who will reprise his role as FBI Agent Dale Cooper. Amanda Seyfried and Jennifer Jason Leigh are rumoured to have been cast as new characters, while original cast members said to be returning include Sheryl Lee (Laura Palmer), Richard Beymer (Benjamin Horne), and more.

Twin Peaks is still over a year away, but these teasers are just a great reminder that this revival series is very real and will actually happen. Watch above.