WATCH: Scott Disick Makes Embarrassing Cameo in Chris Brown’s ‘Picture Me Rollin’ Music Video

And Kourtney Kardashian continues to win the breakup.

Scott Disick is back to work after returning from rehab, and it’s not going great. Disick reserved his first gig for a cameo in Chris Brown’s music video and now we know exactly why Kendall Jenner avoided him like the plague at Brown’s listening party.

The video begins with Brown being dumped because his girlfriend is tired of him beating everyone up (seriously). A distraught Brown gets a call from Disick who, in between telling a “bitch” to get off his “lambo,” informs the singer he needs him because he, “really can fuck all these bitches without you.”


Brown, seemingly uninterested in the “bitches,” tells his friend he’d rather go home but Disick pulls “the friend card,” forcing the singer to join the party. Surprisingly enough, when Brown gets there Disick is no where to be found, instead he’s joined by A$AP Rocky and another Kardashian ex, French Montana.

But Disick isn’t done yet. Even though he is missing from the actual music part of the music video, he manages to pop up at the very end to scream, “what’s brackin’ man” and “we get it, or we gon’ dead it?”

If you must, watch the entire music video up top.