Lamar Odom Shocks Doctors By Taking First Step By Himself

Home for Christmas?
No matter where Lamar Odom spends the holidays, his family will be by his side.

Despite the medical trauma he’s sustained, Lamar Odom continues to astound his doctors by making huge strides in his recovery.

The former professional basketball player reportedly took his first steps without any assistance earlier this week, according to TMZ.

Insiders close to the NBA star say that for the most part, Lamar has been relying on the use of a walker in order to get around.

However, Odom managed to take three steps by himself without using his walker—a feat that stunned and impressed his doctors.

Additionally, he recently reached over his head to put on his hood while getting a visit from estranged wife, Khloe Kardashian—another impressive development in his recovery of motor skills.

Odom’s ability to recognize people is also improving, according to TMZ, who also claims that Lamar will shortly be transferred from the hospital to a rehabilitation clinic.

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