Coco Austin Shares Before-and-After Pic of Her Pregnancy with Chanel

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Coco Austin Post Before-and-After Pregnancy Photo
CREDIT: Instagram
Coco Goes Off on Haters
The new mom just can't catch a break.

Three weeks after giving birth, Coco Austin looks great. 

The new mom shared a before-and-after picture of she and her daughter on Sunday (Dec. 20, 2015), dressed in the same black pants and pink tee. In the after shot, she recreated her baby bump by holding Chanel against her now-flat stomach to show where the baby was living before she was born. “Before and after pic: The day I went to the hospital to deliver Chanel (37weeks) and 3 weeks later,” she captioned Instagram pic.

Coco is basically #PregnancyGoals, since she’s clearly wasted no time in getting her pre-baby body back. Last week, she shared that she only gained 13 pounds during her whole pregnancy, and is now “almost back to norm at 137 pounds.” While she was pregnant, many slammed her for having such a small baby bump, but defended herself on multiple occasions.

Ice T‘s wife has also been scrutinized for “exploiting” her daughter with too many photos on social media. She quickly responded to her critics though, “How is this exploiting her?” wrote earlier this month. “I’m proud that I’m finally a mama…does she not look happy?”