Kanye West Definitely Uses Kimojis, Is ‘Proud’ of Kim Kardashian

Obviously, he’s already got a favorite one.

Yesterday (Dec. 21, 2015) Kim Kardashian launched Kimojis, Kardashian emojis for every moment in life. The frenzy for Kardashian’s latest app literally broke the internet (or at least the app store), making it nearly impossible for some fans to download it, but Kardashian’s number one fan seems to have had no issues.

Early this morning (Dec. 22, 2015) Kanye West took to Twitter to tell everyone just how proud he is of his wife’s new app, and even showed off his favorite Kimoji.

It should come as no surprise that the white bathing suit Kimoji is already West’s favorite, as it is clearly inspired by this picture of Kardashian that prompted this response from West:

West isn’t the only one who’s been engaging in a bit of Twitter PDA. Just yesterday (Dec. 21, 2015), a fan asked Kardashian what’s her favorite thing about her husband, and she couldn’t pick just one.