Lady Gaga’s Pony Arrived Early This Christmas

Just Look at Her Now
Lady Gaga accepts Billboard's Woman of the Year award; haters bow down.

Eat your heart out, Lisa Simpson.

Lady Gaga’s “Interscope family” surprised the singer with a special delivery to her home on Monday—a beautiful white horse wearing a pink bow.

Animal-lover Gaga already has a chicken coop and dogs at her $23 million dollar mansion in Malibu that features a riding ring as well as multiple pastures.

Night my sweet girl

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In the caption, Gaga writes, “It felt like the old days of the record business, she’s such a spiritual girl! I will ride, and care for, and love her forever. I was so surprised!”

So, as it turns out, the thing you get the woman who has everything is that white pony she always dreamed of as a young girl.

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