WATCH: ‘Orange Is the New Black’ Cast Gives ‘The Night Before Christmas’ a Hilarious Remix

OITNB Star Matt McGorry Is Super Buff
Who knew there was a six pack hiding underneath that police uniform?

The women of Litchfield are in a festive mood. 

The cast of Orange Is the New Black gave us a Christmas gift by getting together to sing their version of “The Night Before Christmas.” All of our favorites — including Piper (Taylor Schilling), Sophia (Laverne Cox), and Crazy Eyes (Uzo Aduba) — appear in the video to recall how they “may have robbed and roughed up St. Nick” when he shows up at their prison.

Their remix, “Twas a Night in Litchfield,” is just a tad different from the traditional version we all grew up with, but we promise it’ll make you remember how much you miss these crazy inmates. We don’t know exactly when the new season of the Netflix hit series will return, but at least we know that Alex (Laura Prepon) is alive and well.

Watch the totally NSFW holiday tune above.