Breaking Hair News Roundup: Celebrities Who Changed Up Their Look in 2015

It’ll always grow back!

A ton of celebrities changed up their look in 2015, with some of them taking bigger leaps than others. From Kim Kardashian’s short-lived platinum blonde ‘do to Britney Spears’s rainbow mane, we’re looking back on a year full of breaking hair news. And who knows what the stars will resort to come the new year? Maybe the mullet will make a huge comeback in 2016.

The ‘We Chopped It All Off!’ Club

Sometimes long hair don’t care just isn’t enough to rock the boat, and a bigger change must be made. Take Lily Collins, for example. The 26-year-old actress had long brunette hair up until this year when she took the dive into pixie cut land. And it suits her so well!

Rose McGowan no hair
CREDIT: FameFlynet Pictures

Rose McGowan, however, chose to bid the pixie club adieu. She recently decided to take clippers to her head and shaved all of her hair completely off. “No hair don’t care. Honestly, it’s liberating,” she captioned an Instagram selfie.

Plenty of guys chopped all their hair off in 2015, too, including Daniel Radcliffe. He buzzed his head for a new role, and it actually really suits him.

Adam Levine followed suit, and let’s just say we like him better with a bit of hair up there. Sorry, Adam.

In 2015, Zayn Malik made some huge changes to his life. He not only left One Direction behind, but he buzzed his hair and dyed it silver.

And up until this year, Jared Leto’s long hair and beard were his trademark. But something very important caused him to chop his hair and shave his scruff– filming Suicide Squad and taking on the role of the Joker.

They’ve Gone Platinum!

Justin Bieber likes going platinum, and we’re not just talking about his music. The singer debuted his new very blonde ‘do this year and we’re wondering how long it’ll stick around.

Kim Kardashian Platinum
CREDIT: FameFlynet Pictures

Kim Kardashian shocked everyone when she went platinum blonde for last spring’s Paris Fashion Week. But since, as she put it, “Being blonde is a full time job!” Kim chose to go back to brunette shortly thereafter.

When Jennifer Lawrence went platinum, it wasn’t quite as drastic. She lightened her locks while promoting The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 and cut her hair into a chic bob for her tour around the globe looking fabulous, as always.


Fun, bright and interesting colors were a huge hit this year in Hollywood. Hilary Duff’s short stint with green hair wasn’t exactly our favorite, but you’ve gotta commend her for taking a chance.

And Julianne Hough dyed her blonde hair bright pink to stand out at Coachella.

Speaking of pink, Nicole Richie went there. For most of the year her hair was a bright shade of pink until recently, when she went back to a blonde bob.

Britney Spears Rainbow Hair

And why choose just one color? Britney Spears was rocking rainbow hair for a minute, and we were big fans of her fun summer look.

Who says fun dye-jobs are just for the ladies? Joe Jonas added a little bit of blue to his hair to change up his look recently. Never mind the fact that dying his hair happened to coincide with his breakup with Gigi Hadid… (infer what you will.)

And it seems like Kylie Jenner’s hair has been every color and cut in the book. From long and black to platinum, blue, and more, Jenner was changing her hair for every occasion. Actually, we made a whole gallery of Kylie’s many looks throughout 2015 that you can click through below:

Because Why The Heck Not?

Our final group includes those celebrities that changed their hair for no apparent reason. Yep, we’re taking about Shia LaBeouf’s WTF moment (and there have been quite a few) when he was rocking a full-on rattail. Then again, does Shia’s strange antics surprise anyone anymore?

Lorde Hair
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Lorde let go of her big, curly hair this year, much to the surprise of fans. She debuted her straight, glossy locks at the 12th annual CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Awards looking like a completely different person.

That brings us to Kate Middleton. Considering whichever dress she wears on a given day will sell out online in a matter of hours, it wasn’t surprising that her new bangs made headlines. The Duchess of Cambridge switched up her look by adding side-swept bangs and it took admirers across the world by surprise.

Launch the gallery above to see all of our favorite hair looks from 2015!