Kesha Returns to the Stage with Band The Yeast Infection

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Pop star, Kesha, took time away from her legal troubles with producer Dr. Luke to perform at a last-minute concert in Nashville, Tennessee with band, The Yeast Infection.

The Animal singer posted an invitation to her Twitter followers on the afternoon of December 23, 2015, to come see her perform with The Yeast Infection at 9 p.m. that evening.

She shared a video snippet of her performance for fans to watch on Instagram.

On Christmas Eve, Kesha’s mother provided more details about the impromptu gig when she tweeted that the event would take place at The Springwater “in ten minutes.”

For those lucky enough to quickly get themselves to the local dive bar, they were treated to a rousing rock performance with Kesha playing the role of front woman.

It’s a rare sight to see the singer performing as she’s currently embroiled in a sexual assault claim against Dr. Luke, with whom she’s contractually obligated to record music per a legal agreement with Sony, her record label.

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