Top 10 Biggest Selling Albums of 2015

From Drake to Adele — and even Justin Bieber — 2015 was filled with albums that will not soon be forgotten. 

As we head into 2016, it’s only right that we look back at some of the best selling albums of the year. While there was no shortage of notable album releases, only a select few proved to be chart-toppers and big sellers. In 2015, only five albums sold more than one million copies, however, it was Adele’s 25 that broke records. In its first four weeks of release, it sold over 5.98 million copies, which doesn’t include Christmas, and you know people had it on their wish list. It became the biggest selling album released in the U.S. since the British singer’s last album, 21, which was released in 2011.

So now that you know which record nabbed the title as the top selling album of the year, see how Taylor Swift, The Weeknd, and more did this year in the gallery above!