Adele’s ’25’ Sold Over a Million Copies Last Week, Again

Adele’s 25 album sales continues to break records and rewrite history.

The pop Queen sold yet another 1.15 million copies last week, bringing her total album sales to over seven million in only five weeks.

Seven. Million. 7.13 million, to be exact, through Dec. 24. For context, Adele’s 21 took 52 weeks to reach that feat.

Likely due to the gift-giving holidays, 25’s 1.15 million copies last week marks its second-best sales week since its incredible 3.38 million debut, not to mentions its third platinum week (becoming the first album to do so after it hit two platinum weeks).

25 has also now spend five consecutive weeks on the Billboard 200 chart.

That all sums up to mean that even with 25’s end of the year release in November, Adele is the queen of 2015 happily leading us into the new year with a cackle and sold-out world tour.

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