Madonna’s Son Rocco Ritchie Says She Treated Him More Like a Trophy, Not a Son

Yikes…Madonna’s potential custody battle with ex Guy Ritchie over son Rocco might be heating up with this news.

Yesterday (Dec. 28) we reported that Guy apparently “drove a wedge” between his son and Madonna, and was encouraging their rift by bad mouthing his pop star ex. But now it seems that Guy didn’t have to tell Rocco anything: Rocco is feeling fed up with his mom all on his own.

Sources on Madonna’s Rebel Heart tour now tell TMZ that Rocco was “miserable” traveling all around the world with his mom. “There were horrible, full-blown fights with screaming and crying,” one source noted.

To make matters worse, during the Stockholm leg of the tour, Rocco ditched going to the charter plane and made an escape run for it. But luckily, he eventually came back. Given this incident, the 15-year-old’s decision to stay in London over the holidays with his father, rather than return home to spend it with his mother in New York, doesn’t seem so surprising.

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In addition, while in London for her December shows, where Ritchie lives, the situation between mother and son worsened. Rocco went to Ritchie claiming he couldn’t do the tour anymore. Sources tell TMZ, “Rocco told Guy he felt like Madonna treated him more like a trophy than a son.”

And apparently, Rocco thinks Madonna is jealous of his director dad’s new, “stable life” as well as his desires to live with him (Ritchie just wed Jacqui Ainsley, with whom he has three young children).

In light of his refusal to spend the holidays with Madonna in New York, he’s been ordered to appear at court in NYC and a hearing has been set. Meanwhile, Madonna’s tour will continue in 2016, but it’s a safe bet to say Rocco won’t want to continue tagging along.