Mike Tyson Falls Off Hoverboard in Instagram Video

Jamie Will Be Mike
Looks like Jamie Foxx will have to beef up for his next role as Mike Tyson.

Former heavyweight boxing champion, Mike Tyson, found an opponent he couldn’t beat over the holidays—a hoverboard.

The 49-year-old star of The Hangover shared a video on his Instagram on Tuesday (watch the video below), enjoying his new hoverboard.

After tooling around with it for a bit, Tyson attempted a maneuver that had him landing flat on his back.

The caption of the Instagram video reads, “#hoverboard #knockout #MikeTysonBreaksBack #imtoooldforthisshit @getcyboard.”

While he declared himself “too old” for hoverboard shenanigans, Mike appeared pretty happy right up until the moment when he bit the dust.

#hoverboard #knockout #MikeTysonBreaksBack #imtoooldforthisshit @getcyboard

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