Miley Cyrus Says Haters Are Crazy to Miss the ‘Old Miley’

Wild Miley Cyrus
This weekend was full of stars getting themselves ready for the holiday season.

Between her long hair and penchant for self-tanning, the new Miley Cyrus has more than a few criticisms of the “old Miley” and isn’t afraid to voice them on social media.

These days, Miley has been sporting a mid-length brown bob with frosted bangs but makes it very clear that she finds the look she sported in her early years to be less than favorable.

One inch to the right #skank #whore #slut #fuckboi

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Referencing her old hairstyle and skin tone, she writes in an Instagram post caption, “Some of y’all r f-ckinnnn cray cray! I look like cousin it f-cked a clementine!”

Whether she’s rocking out on stage in over-the-top costumes, or posing pretty much completely nude in magazines, Miley would like you to know that there’s no way she’s going back in time.

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