Future Slams Ciara During Twitter Rant, Claims She is Keeping Him from Seeing Baby Future

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Ciara and Future
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Things are getting even uglier.

It’s been a little more than a year since Ciara and Future called off their engagement, but the parents of Baby Future still haven’t figured out a way to remain cordial. The former couple’s latest beef comes in the form of a Twitter rant from the rapper. A few hours ago (Jan. 4, 2015) Future took to Twitter to declare that Ciara is a “bitch” with “control problems.”

But the rapper didn’t stop there, he went on to claim that Ciara is making is difficult to see Baby Future, saying he can only see his  youngest child, “through lawyers” even though he allegedly pays 15k a month in child support.

This isn’t the first time Future has slammed the singer. Last year he publically berated Ciara for allowing their son around her new boyfriend Russel Wilson. Ciara responded with a few sub-tweets shading her former fiance, before explaining to she felt as though the criticism was a double standard because when she dated the rapper she spent plenty of time with his children.