John Stamos Reflects on ‘Horrific’ DUI: ‘I Hated Myself for That’

John Stamos is not proud of his recent public behavior.

The Grandfathered actor stopped by The Howard Stern Show to come clean about his recent tumultuous public battle with alcoholism. “I don’t really have anything to hide anymore,” he tells host Howard Stern. Stamos concedes that he walked through the doors of his rehabilitation center at the complete mercy of his physicians.

“I walked in those doors and told them, ‘Tell me what to do. Help me understand. Help me.”

Fuller House’s Uncle Jesse admits that his mother filled the female void in his life following his divorce from Rebecca Romijn and the death of his father. “We needed each other and she needed me and [after his death] I sort of became my father and she sort of became my wife—obviously not in a weird way,” he said. “It was a big part of my purpose for many many years to be there for her and be a good son.”

Thus, her death in 2014 was the tipping point on his substance addiction before his dangerous DUI in June of last year. “I coulda hurt somebody,” he says regretfully of the incident. “It was really stupid and ignorant of me. I hated myself for that.” Stamos says that kicking Ambien was more difficult than weaning himself off of alcohol. “My memory was starting to get really f–cked up too,” he adds. “And that was the hardest thing to kick.”

The 52-year-old heartthrob tells Stern that he feels “even” after completing rehab and looks forward to the premiere of Fuller House. Listen to him talk about that time he went on a date with Amy Poehler and his confrontation with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen in the playlist below. Launch the hilarious gallery of his awkward encounter with a fan in the gallery at the top of the page.