‘The Rock’ Pushes ‘Baywatch’ Co-Star Kelly Rohrbach into the Sand

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Dwayne Johnson welcomed his co-star to the film production of Baywatch in the best way possible!

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As you might’ve heard, Kelly Rohrbach and Leo DiCaprio have reportedly gone their separate ways. But today is one of those good news/bad news kinda days because it was also announced today that Rohrbach was cast to star in the film remake of Baywatch, which will inevitably make her a household name. Movies involving bathing suits tend to do that.

And Dwayne “Master of the Social Media Universe” Johnson, who will be starring alongside Rohrbach, welcomed the newly cast star in an incredibly fitting way: by tossing her into the sand. Well, tossing her in the sand while running in slow motion a la Baywatch.

Hopefully the finished film will include plenty of The Rock’s hijinks as well!