Ellen DeGeneres Drags Adele into Her Prank War with Matt Lauer

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Adele and Ellen DeGeneres

Peace talks have broken down. The truce has been violated.

The war is back on and now Adele is caught in the crossfires. But don’t worry: There’s no bloodshed involved. Just laughter. The conflict in question? Ellen DeGeneres‘ ongoing prank war with Matt Lauer.

Last fall, DeGeneres swore that that after exchanging hilarious jabs involving (among other things) Lauer in bondage gear, DeGeneres on a racy billboard for plumbing services and a Porsche Cayenne full of ping pong balls, they would call a truce.

But then she saw Lauer’s December interview with Adele and she thought of an idea too good to pass up. Watch the video on Huffington Post