WATCH: Ryan Reynolds Is Shirtless and Channeling His Inner Bachelor in New ‘Deadpool’ Promo

Ryan Reynolds Tries to Build an Ikea Crib
"Ikea is Swedish for ‘f-ck you..."

Ryan Reynolds knows the secret to a woman’s heart.

The actor ripped his shirt off in the new Deadpool promo that aired during Monday night’s (Jan. 4, 2016) season premiere of The Bachelor. In it, he’s shirtless and absolutely ripped beyond words, flaunting his bulging biceps and 6-pack abs. That’s definitely one way to get women to go see this movie.

However that’s not all. Blake Lively’s husband also gave new Bachelor Ben Higgins a run for his money, but lounging on a couch (in full costume) with a rose in his hands. “Oh, hello,” he says in the beginning of the 30-second clip. “You’re probably thinking, ‘My boyfriend said this was a superhero movie.’ Well, surprise! This is actually — lucky you — a love story.”

Expect it’s not romantic at all nor is it a love story in any sense of the word. Besides some glimpses of Reynolds’ immaculately sculpted abs, you’ll also see him jumping off a bridge. Watch the Bachelor-inspired (and ab-flaunting) trailer above!