WATCH: Chicago Rapper Risks All for ‘American Idol’ Ticket to Hollywood

There once was a boy from the South Side of Chicago who dreamed of one day becoming a rapper.

His name was Kanye West, and though Fendi turned down his original conception of the leather jogging pant, his roar still rang throughout the Hollywood Hills with a high-pitched “HAAH”. He made record after record, and finally was persuaded by his reality show wife to take his voice to land where true talent thrives: Reality competition television.

He auditioned with his song “Gold Digger”, which pays tribute to Queen Jennifer Lopez, who sat on the judging panel alongside Harry Connick Jr. and Keith Urban. His then-pregnant wife Kim Kardashian waited outside with Ryan Seacrest for the final verdict. Would it be a happy ever after for the artist, or a defeated return home to his family in Calabasas?


Watch Kanye’s audition for American Idol in the video featured at the top of the page.