Lana Del Rey Testifies That Two Female Fans Threatened Her Life

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The singer bravely went before court today to divulge that two women have been stalking her and threatening her life.

Hopefully Lana Del Rey has gained some peace of mind today. The singer was granted a restraining today after telling the judge that two women, Nataliia Krinitsyna and Iuliia Vladimirovna, put letters in her mailbox threatening suicide and other acts of violence, and even screaming at her during a trip to her bank.

But according to Lana, the most troubling part of this whole ordeal is that she moved away from these two women. But they managed to find her new address and wait outside for her.

The performer even said she has previously reported the girls to the police and received a message from them: “You’re a fucking bitch,” on Instagram.

Thankfully the judge felt the evidence was enough to grant a three-year restraining order. The two women are not allowed within 150 yards of Lana or any of assistants for three years.

Here’s hoping this is the end of this terrifying situation.