One Direction to Appear on ‘Family Guy’

One Directioners! It looks like your fave crooners are going to visit Peter Griffin and his pals.

Losing your mind because One Direction is on their break? We’ve got news we know you’ll love! According to Entertainment Weekly, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne have recorded dialogue for an episode of Family Guy!

You heard us right. 1D is going to visit all your favorite pals in Quahog. The boy band will be appearing in an episode centered around Chris running for homecoming king.

One Direction join Stewie in a campfire scene in which the beloved baby tells the gang a scary story. Tomlinson and Payne are the only members who have recorded dialogue for episode. Oh, and Simon Cowell shows up too, if that does anything for you.

The episode is titled “Run, Chris, Run” and is scheduled to air in May.

Hopefully this will hold you over until 1D comes to their senses and gets back together!