So, What Does Taylor Kinney’s Mom Think About Lady Gaga?

Taylor Kinney Hints at Wedding Plans
Just enough of a tease to get you through

Let’s let the mother-in-law weigh in on Mother Monster.

Taylor Kinney’s mom, Pamela Heisler, has nothing but glowing reviews about her soon-to-be daughter-in-law, Lady Gaga. Heisler sang praises of American Horror Story actress to Entertainment Tonight on the red carpet of the People’s Choice Awards 2016, beginning with their sentimental introduction.

“My mother had just passed away and [Gaga] came, and she was just the sweetest thing that ever was,” says Kinney’s mom. “When [Taylor] said she’s coming, I said, ‘No, this isn’t a good time.’ And she came, and she was a sweetheart.”

“I loved her from the moment I met her.”

Kinney’s mom also told ET that she plans on wearing a “subdued” gown to Kinney and Gaga’s upcoming.

Kinney confessed to the outlet that he plans on running with his character’s fireman gear when Chicago Fire reaches its end. “I kind of have this dream that’s not a dream, but when we are done with our run, I kind of want to yank all my character’s gear–my bunker gear, my coats,” he said. “So, I hope they don’t have a problem with that.”

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