Tila Tequila Goes on Twitter Rant: Proclaims the Earth Is Flat, the U.K. Owns Texas, and More!

Tila Tequila has proclaimed that the Earth is flat…and apparently dove off the side.

The internet sensation has decided to sound off on just about everything and let’s just say either her account was hacked, or Tila has completely lost it. She has stated that she is robot clone, before which she was Russian spy, the U.K. owns Texas, oh and chemicals in plastic are turning babies gay. Yowza.

Here are some highlights:

She proclaimed that the moon is just a projection. Sure.

According to Miss Tequila, chemicals in plastics are turning babies gay. No words.

She took the time to educate all of us on who actually owns Texas:

Obviously, the Earth is flat.

Yup. You guessed it. She’s a clone.

Here’s hoping this is all just a tasteless joke.