Iggy Azalea Has a Foolproof Scheme to Avoid Falling Off Stage Again

The scandalous rapper is back with a plan to avoid those mid-song falls.

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We’ve all seen the viral video of Iggy Azalea rapping her chart-topper “Fancy” at a pre-VMA party in 2014. The fiery performer backs up to the edge of the stage while spitting bars. Then she takes one wrong step and topples off stage.

If not, here:

Well, the controversial rapper doesn’t plan on repeating that humiliating episode ever again. On Friday, Iggy tweeted “I think my new show is gonna have no stairs and im gonna wear a harness so if I fall off stage again ill just fly.”

Although Iggy was able to laugh at her well-documented onstage tumble, it’s easy to see why preventative measures could make her stage act and PR management a little less stressful.

And besides, who wants to fall when you can fly? That lyric is free. Enjoy.