Here’s the Exact Moment Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin First Met

Who knew Hailey Baldwin’s dad was a matchmaker, too.

After watching she and Justin Bieber’s new romance play out over the past few weeks, you’d probably never be able guess how they met. However, in an adorable Vine (found by a devoted Belieber), we get to see the exact moment when the new couple awkwardly laid eyes on each other in 2009.

The footage, which features a floppy-haired Biebs, see him shaking hands with Baldwin after her dad, Stephen, introduces them. The pair obviously had no idea that six years later, they’d be showing off some major PDA on New Year’s Eve.

Also, judging by Bieber’s reaction to the tweet, he might have forgotten exactly how far back he and Baldwin go. His response to the video? “Haha. Amazing.”