Update: The Nicki Minaj/Farrah Abraham Twitter Fight You Never Knew You Needed

Farrah, what’s good?!

On Sunday (Jan. 10, 2016) afternoon, Nicki Minaj indulged in a little Teen Mom OG binge, as one does, and couldn’t help but call out one teen mom in particular. After witnessing the way Farah Abraham often treats her mother, the rapper had a few choice words for the single mother and entrepreneur, leading to the most epic Twitter showdown of 2016 so far.


It didn’t take long before Abraham got wind of Minaj’s shady tweets, and because everyone knows Abraham loves a good feud, she promptly sent out a few shady tweets of her own.


Even reiterating the sentiments on Instagram.


But seeing as Minaj is what some might call, the undisputed Queen of Twitter feuds, she hit back hard. Really hard.




But the rapper didn’t stop there, even letting her retweets do that talking.


Leaving Abraham to rely on support from her fans.

Thanks for the love #lovewins #sunday #preach ♥️ #greatparent #NickiwantsAttention

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While Minaj decided not to spend another minute worrying about the Teen Mom star, it seems as though Abraham could not be prouder to have gotten the last word. The next morning, Abraham posted media coverage of the feud on her Instagram.

Is anyone else kind of hoping Minaj makes a surprise appearance on the next Teen Mom reunion?

Update — Jan. 10, 3:20 p.m. ET:

Abraham continued the feud today (Jan. 11, 2016), releasing a statement to Hollywoodlife:

“I thought when my press team sent me her tweets directed at me I asked ‘did someone hack her account’ I was in disbelief of the disgusting language she was choosing to use toward me, given I would think she would know editing doesn’t show what led up to my disagreements with my mom at the time.

I personally struggle with Sophia to not watch all of Nicki’s explicit videos as her consistent butt talk has effected Sophia wanting a large butt, as wanting to color her hair etc. I think it’s great to be creative and an artist and I try to keep it positive. When someone acts like their better and yet talk disgusting with choice of language I now have no respect for Nicki and I no longer will Allow my daughter to listen or watch her music.”

But she didn’t stop there. The Teen Mom star took a personal shot at Minaj, telling her she should be focused on her brother, who was charged with raping a 12-year-old in December.

“Nicki has no room to talk about my family relationships, nor insinuate I’m a porn star, or I have no idea why she is insulting Porn, again the scene had nothing to do with my sex tape, and for her to talk about my daughter, my mother and be disgusting and ghetto I no longer am supportive of her or her music. I have no intentions of wasting a further word on her. Keep watching my reruns Nicki and help your bro not rape people. I want to stay away from her and her family.”

Minaj has yet to respond to Abraham’s latest attack.