Khloe Kardashian Has the Perfect Way to Deal With ‘Fuccbois’

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Let Koko guide the way.

Khloe Kardashian’s app is chockful of great advice, but her latest words of wisdom may be her most useful yet. In the latest installment of “Just The Tip,” Koko gives “Textual” advice, specifically, how to deal with a “fuccboi” who’s just wasting your time.

How do you respond to a fuccboi who texts you after midnight? Koko says, “You got this text past midnight? He basically wants to fu*k. I probably wouldn’t answer this one!”

And if a guy takes forever to answer you back? “If a guy texts me his response a day after I sent a text, I normally say, “It’s all good, I figured it out.” I like to leave them to wonder while I think to myself, “Fu*k off!” Everyone has their phones on them at all times. I don’t play games!”

Even though texting late is usually a no-no, Koko makes it clear that you can always break the rules if you’re DTF, “If it’s a late night text and I’m already in bed then it depends on my mood. Maybe I’d respond if I’m DTF. Normally though, I don’t entertain stuff like this! Bai, Felicia!”

The more you know!