Reactions to Sean Penn’s Interview with ‘El Chapo’ in Rolling Stone

By now, you’ve likely heard about the capturing of Mexican drug cartel leader “El Chapo”, Joaquìn Guzmán Loera. But this past weekend Rolling Stone dropped a bombshell, publishing Sean Penn’s interview with the infamous drug lord!

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According to People, it’s Penn’s clandestine interview, apparently research for a biopic about the criminal, in the jungles of Mexico that led to El Chapo’s capture.

“The movie and Sean Penn were not part of a scheme designed to catch Chapo,” People’s source clarifies. “The process those people put in motion though opened up opportunities to be exploited. It created openings to explore, breadcrumbs to follow.”

Unsurprisingly, many, especially people from the journalistic community, have not taken too kindly to the movie star’s reporting.

People’s source stated that, although Penn and his associates were not collaborating with any law enforcement agencies, it gave those tracking El Chapo the opportunity they needed because the notorious cartel leader had to make himself vulnerable to speak with the Oscar winner.

“They thought they were clever,” the People source says of Guzmán and the people who helped him organize the meeting with Penn. “They weren’t. They were amateurs trying to beat the pros on the pros’ turf.”

I say we send Lindsay Lohan to meet with Bashar al-Assad next. Who’s with me?!