WATCH: This Little Boy Pays Tribute to David Bowie Like a Rockstar

David Bowie Dead at 69
It's a sad day in the music world.

He’s an instant star. “Just add water and stir.”

The world is in mourning following the tragic loss of pop icon David Bowie, who lost a battle to cancer on Jan. 10, 2016. Celebrities, authors, and even astronauts have spent the day sharing tributes in their own way to commemorate the legacy of a legend, but this “Magic Dance” cover from a 2-year-old boy demonstrates that Bowie’s brilliant imminence does not discriminate against age.

His mom writes that the song instantly became his favorite song after he watched Labyrinth everyday, and loved to act it out as the Goblin King. The boy sings his song loud and proud at a decibel level that causes his baby brother to cry, which is just how a rock star would have wanted it.

Watch Bowie’s original performance below, and then watch the cover above.