Here’s Where You Can Find Michelle Obama’s SOTU Dress

Surprise, surprise. That orange dress Michelle Obama wore to the State of the Union has sold out at retailers, but we found were you can pick it up!

President Obama’s last State of the Union will be remembered for numerous reasons. His candor when describing his accomplishments in office, his pride while professing the strength of America, even his lament that bipartisan divisions only deepened on his watch. As for us, we just wanna know where Michelle Obama got that dress!

It turns out it’s a Narciso Rodriguez wool crepe creation that retails for $2,000 and it’s sold out everywhere since the First Lady appeared in it.

But, if you’re a size 6 and willing to take your money to eBay, a seller in the D.C. area has one for sale. But the starting bid is $1,500…

Also, it should be mentioned that there’s no pics of the actual dress. Only stills of Michelle Obama looking incredible in it. So fair warning.