Justin Bieber Getting His Game on Leads Today’s Star Sightings

It was all about getting his game on for Justin Bieber at Bowlmor White Plains.

While at the newly renovated bowling center, Justin played rounds of basketball, Mario Kart, air hockey and ski ball in the updated arcade, munched on nachos and pizza and threw some strikes down the lanes.

“He bowled and played at the arcade,” Tania Lepe, the manager of the bowling alley, said.

Lepe and other employees were tight-lipped about how long Bieber was at the bowling alley. Lepe said they received a call that Bieber “wanted to bowl, and we said bring him in.”

“He played a little and then he went,” Lepe said. “That’s all we can tell you.”

Another employee, who didn’t provide his name, said: “He was here. He’s not here anymore. He was trying to do regular things.”

LOL. Way to protect the Biebs.

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