Khloé Kardashian Still Thinks Lamar Odom Is Her ‘Soulmate,’ Talks Brother Rob’s Health Problems

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Khloé Kardashian Details Relationship With Lamar Odom
Khloé Kardashian reportedly has a lot to say about Lamar Odom.

Even though Khloé Kardashian knows Lamar Odom had cheated on her, she admittedly still believes they’re meant for each other.

Opening up in a one-on-one interview on Good Morning America on Wednesday (Jan. 13, 2015), the 31-year-old says she thinks Lamar, 36, is her “soulmate” despite their tumultuous relationship.

“I do believe that we’re soulmates, but right now, that’s not even where my head is at. I’m more of a from a friend standpoint. I genuinely love him and I genuinely want him to be healthy and happy and all of that, like I would any of my family members or loved ones, so that’s at a place where I’m coming from,” Kardashian tells co-host Lara Spencer. “I think people, they don’t understand the severity of everything, and, like, that’s not even a factor. But me knowing or thinking that Lamar was my soulmate before any of this happened … you know, things change and life gets in the way and that’s OK. It’s all about his health and my happiness and his happiness. Right now those are two individual things.”

Khloé, who has been taking care of Lamar ever since he was found unconscious from a drug overdose at a Nevada brothel in October 2015, also says that the former NBA star is “doing really well” in his road to recovery. The basketball player has been released from Los Angeles’ Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and is currently recovering at a private facility.

“He’s finally out of the hospital. He’s doing great. But, you know, it’s a long journey and it’s something that he’s working really hard on,” she says. “Every day is every different. We take every day as it comes. I’ve learned not to really look into the future too much. I try to live every day as it comes.”

As for Rob Kardashian, who was recently plagued with his own health problems after being diagnosed with diabetes? Khloé insists her younger brother is putting all of his focus on his well-being this year.

“He got out before the New Year, so I was like, ‘OK let’s leave all that stuff then,'” she explains of his stint in the hospital. “Listen, you found out what the stuff is. Let’s tackle it head on.”

“He’s taking it seriously,” she continues. “We’re only 13 days into the New Year, but that’s good enough for me.”