WATCH: Robin Williams’ Daughter and His On-Screen Daughter JoJo Teamed Up to Do Something Cool

Dad would have been proud.

Zelda Williams, daughter to comedian Robin Williams who passed away in 2014, has teamed up with his “daughter” in the movie RVactress and musician JoJo. The girls originally met at the premiere in 2006 through Robin when they were both going through their awkward stages.

“It was a very different time for the two of us,” Zelda recalls in an interview to Entertainment Tonight, recalling the “bandage dress” that she wore over her “fake tan”.

Since then, they’ve been searching for a project to work on together and the stars finally aligned when Zelda signed on as a director for JoJo’s latest music video, “Save My Soul”. The singer reveals that her latest track is about addiction. “I say it’s love and other drugs,” she says.

“To say the ‘Save My Soul’ video means a lot to me would be an understatement of stupendous proportions,” Zelda said in response. “It’s not even our shared experiences with addiction and loved ones who suffered from them, though that is the very real inspiration behind this song and video.”

When JoJo lost her own father in 2015, Zelda and her mother were one of the first people to reach out to provide support. “That meant so much, just because … you’re a pillar of strength,” she says to Zelda. “You were before, and you continue to be. You will always be.”

Watch their collaborative music video for “Save My Soul” at the top of the page.