Celebuzz Cocktail Hour: The Macallan Edition 1

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The Macallan Edition 1
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Are you in the mood for some of the finest single malt scotch whisky?

The Macallan Edition 1 is the newest product from The Macallan. The theme is co-creation, while showcasing The Macallan’s mastery of wood.

Each year, a special selection of oak casks will be handpicked to create a new Edition, inspired by The Macallan lovers from around the world and co-created with different partners.

Macallan Edition 1

This first Edition is matured in 8 unique European and American oak cask styles and sizes, each contributing their own distinct character. Edition No.1 showcases light and soft oak notes, vibrancy, as well as rich and darker spice flavors.

The proportions of various cask types were hand-selected by master whisky maker, Bob Dalgarno and retails for $90!

We prefer our Macallan neat. How about you?

If you’re not familiar with fine whiskeys, head on over to The Macallan’s official website.