Aspiring Artists: Here’s a Chance for John Legend to Help Find Your Magic

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Long before Chrissy Teigen validated him with fried chicken excellence, John Legend had a magic quality to his persona.

A rags to riches story, he was one of four children born to a seamstress and a factory worker living in Springfield, Ohio who became enamored with music at an early age. He sang in the church choir and taught himself to play piano by the time he blew out seven candles atop his birthday cake. Sweet 16 was sweetened evermore with a premature high school diploma and salutatorian honors, paving his way into the Ivy Leagues.

We know the nine-time Grammy Award winner now at 37-years-old as a legend with a baby girl on the way, but the reality is that such personal magic isn’t instantaneously pulled out of a hat like some cruise ship sideshow. It takes hustle and sweat—believing in your voice when no one can hear it, and pushing EP’s to execs who use them as coffee coasters.

See, you don’t just go from this:

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To this:

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Without wading through all this somewhere in between:

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Struggle recognizes struggle, so Legend is lending a hand to aspiring musicians and filmmakers by giving them a stage to showcase their own magic with the help of AXE. Such creators can visit to learn how to enter to be given the opportunity to be mentored by Mr. Legend and be featured at an event during SXSW or at the Toronto International Film Festival. While you’re at it, you should check out AXE’s new grooming products and fresh antiperspirants to keep that body in check given your daily grind—if you get what we’re saying.

Launch the gallery at the top of the page to view photos of John Legend at AXE’s #FindYourMagic kickoff event in NYC at the top of the page, and watch his call-to-action below.