WATCH: Chloe Grace Moretz Is Learning to ‘Swim With a Tail’ in ‘The Little Mermaid’

Screw #SquadGoals
Chloe Grace Moretz is not a fan of #SquadGoals, according to her interview.

As the star of upcoming live-action film version of The Little Mermaid, Chloe Grace Moretz admitted to Jimmy Kimmel that she’s having to learn how to swim…with a tail.

The 18-year-old actress was visiting Kimmel’s late night talk show to promote her new film, The 5th Wave, and talked about how she’s currently in the process of prepping for the iconic Disney classic.

Moretz confessed to Jimmy on his show:

I can’t really swim! I mean, I can but I’m not a strong swimmer. Maybe that’s the new story — a mermaid who learns to swim!

The actress was stunning in a red and black leather dress and black stiletto pumps for her visit to the ABC talk show.