This Is All That Chris Pratt Will Be Eating in a Year

Chris Pratt has serious plans for his diet.

The Jurassic World star recently challenged himself to only eat meat hunted by either him or his friends for a full year.

Pratt, 36, took to his personal Instagram to explain the rules of his new diet. As an avid outdoorsman and fisherman, the actor boasted that his meal plan would be totally “free range” and “organic” as all his meats would be coming from the wild.

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“I grew up in the woods. Not literally. I mean, we had a house. I wasn’t raised by coyotes. But I spent a lot of time in the woods. Hunting, fishing and being outdoors with my friends and family is how I spent my free time as a young’n. That part of me will never change,” he explained. “I’m going to start a diet I called ‘The Game Plan’ where basically I only eat wild game for a year. ‘The Game Plan,’ get it? Cause GAME?”

He continued, “I mean I’ll also eat veggies and fruit and other stuff too. But for one year I want to eat only the meats that were caught or killed by me or my friends.”

However, Pratt is also planning to give himself a few cheat days. Well, several cheat days and exemptions.

Finished out the year in peace, on the water, fishing and crabbing. #IslandLife #2016 #FindYourHappyPlace A photo posted by chris pratt (@prattprattpratt) on

“I’m gonna still eat eggs and probably chicken and probably steak,” he wrote. “I mean I gotta have steak and oysters and definitely bacon. But other than that. And the occasional burger for a cheat meal.”

“I should mention I will also have sushi because I have to have sushi because it’s so good. And pepperoni,” he added. “I will be eating turkey for Thanksgiving. Probably fried. That’s the best. And also ham. For Easter we make lamb. That’s great. I’ll have to have lamb that day.”

Wait, isn’t this this just a regular diet with more deer meat then? As long as he’s still keeping it fit, we’re sure that his fans are all game. (Get it?!)

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