Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Announce New Album With Moody (Some Might Say Insufferable) Trailer

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Mackstreet’s back, alright!

You will remember Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, the Seattle-based rap duo whose 2012 album, The Heist, controversially won a bunch of Grammys in 2014. Since then, Macklemore admitted that the pressures of fame had caused him to experience a drug relapse (sad news!) and welcomed his first child with fiancée Tricia Davis (glad news!). (No one really knows what Lewis has been up to all of this time?)

Well, they’re back! And not just with a new album, titled This Unruly Mess I’ve Made, but with an eye-roll-worthy trailer announcing their new album. Perhaps if you found their recent “Downtown” video charming, you will be excited to hear the news of a new Macklemore album, and that’s good! I’m happy for you, truly. But this trailer, which features overly-serious narration about escaping society by way of a cliché exodus to the woods, by the man who brought us”Thrift Shop,” no less, does not stir in me a sense of great anticipation. Mess, indeed.

Watch the “Downtown” video below.