Nick Carter Released From Jail After Bar Brawl: ‘Just a Guy Trying to Enjoy Some Vacation’

Nick Carter reportedly walked out of Monroe County Detention Center yesterday after allegedly getting involved in a bar fight on Wednesday night.

Nick Carter Arrest Bodycam Video: Bouncers Attacked 'Like Navy Seals!'
Nick Carter and his buddy claim they were repeatedly beat down by staffers at a Key West bar.

The singer was swept up in a media frenzy this week when he got into a scuffle with a bartender at The Hog’s Breath Saloon in Key West, when the employee refused to serve him. According to police reports, Nick and his pals were “highly intoxicated.”

Wearing a Tampa Bay Buccaneers tank, the former boy band member strode to a waiting taxi on Wednesday evening.

“I’m just a guy trying to enjoy some vacation time down here in Key West, and the truth will come out,” Carter told TMZ before climbing in the taxi.