President Obama Says Kendrick Lamar Would Totally Beat Drake in a Rap Battle

Drake Bashes Meek Mill Once Again
"Don't worry, he's dead already"

Sorry Drake, POTUS is team Kendrick Lamar.

President Barack Obama recently sat down with YouTube stars Destin Sandlin, SWooZie, and Ingrid Nilsen at the White House for an interview. He was asked a series of questions that included the type of pants dogs should wear and which Star Wars character he would be. The most important question was who he thought would win a rap battle: Drake or Kendrick.

His answer was very clear. “You gotta go with Kendrick,” he replied. “I’m just saying. I think Drake is an outstanding entertainer, but Kendrick… his lyrics. His last album [To Pimp A Butterfly] was outstanding. Best album I that I think [I heard] last year.”

Somewhere in the world Meek Mill is smiling. Watch Obama’s whole interview below.