Democracy Is Dead (in the Maldives): Watch Amal Clooney’s First TV Interview

Step aside George, and make way for Amal.

Amal Clooney (nee Alamuddin) united the nations of celebrity and politics in her first-ever TV interview on NBC News on Thursday, Jan. 14 by bringing light to the non-trash aspects of being a known person.

“I think it’s wonderful celebrities would choose to spend their time or energy or, you know, the spotlight that they have to raise awareness about these causes,” says the human rights lawyer. “I don’t really see myself in the same way because I’m still doing the same job that I used to do before. So, if there’s more attention paid for whatever reason … then I think it’s good.”

She continues by acknowledging that she is proud of the way in which she decides to use her voice in communicating with press. “I think I’m exercising it in an appropriate manner by continuing to do this kind of work,” says Clooney. “And engaging with the media on issues that I think are important.”

The intelligent beauty’s current client is Mohamed Nasheed, the former president of Maldives, who became a prisoner after being convicted of terrorism. The U.S. Department later ruled this verdict false.

“Democracy is dead in the Maldives,” she declared. “I mean, literally, if there were an election now there would be no one to run against the president. Every opposition leader is either behind bars or being pursued by the government through the courts.”

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