WATCH: Lady Gaga’s Trainer Harley Pasternak Spills Fitness Secrets, Talks ‘Taco Cleanse’ with Celebuzz

So, you want a body like Gaga?

Welcome to 2016, the year in which you swear that finally going to find that six-pack that you’ve been searching for since the last time you made the same resolution. Now, welcome to reality, where finding your bikini bod is going to take more than just watching fitness videos from your couch. True results take time to discover, which is why we call the journey to a revenge bod a fitness transformation rather than a fitness “Whoomp There It Is”. Personal trainer and nutrition expert Harley Pasternak has coached our favorite celebrities like Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West to name a few, and now he’s here to help pave the way to finding a healthier you.

Pasternak sat down with Celebuzz editor Mia Lardiere to dish on his key food and fitness tips that are simpler to follow than pie (or perhaps Siggi’s yogurt if that visual sparked your sweet tooth).


You can get the full scoop in the video at the top of the page, but here are five highlights to get you started.

  1. Start with baby steps. Becoming a marathon sprinter is not going to happen overnight. Pacing your journey with realistic goals that fit into your current lifestyle is the key to making your resolution stick. “There’s 168 hours a week,” explains Pasternak. “Even if you never go to the gym and never work out, as long as you’re eating well and you’re hitting your step count everyday and sleeping well, you can still look great.”
  2. Protect your loved ones.  Choose high-fiber, high-protein snacks like fresh vegetables and hummus to stave off dangerous levels of hanger.
  3. Pick a workout regime based on your interests instead of Instagram fads. Does hanging upside down on an aerial swing look enticing to you? If your answer is a resounding “NO”, you probably shouldn’t force yourself to do that exercise just because it’s a trend. Pasternak suggests that you find a way to get active that “resonates with you”, whether it’s selling your soul to SoulCycle or doing water aerobics with your Nana in her pool.
  4. Get your body moving to get your mind going. Did you know that artists listen to their music while they’re working out so that they can work through creative blocks? Neither did we, until Pasternak said that it is so. “It’s a way that they workshop their music, especially before it comes out to the public,” he says. “Or if they’re going on tour it’s a great way to prepare their aerobic endurance to be able to sing that song while they’re onstage.”
  5. Stop taking gym selfies. 


Hear Pasternak’s opinion on Jennifer Aniston’s Taco Cleanse, plus more tips, in the interview above.